Shed Ideas – Creative Ways to Use Your Shed

shed ideas
Many of us will look at our outdoor shed and immediately think of garden tool storage. Typically this is the use for outdoor sheds, as well as for storing other outdoor supplies such as patio cushions, extra tools and even lawn mowers. However, people today have some creative shed ideas and do unique things with their sheds that go beyond the simple tool storage. Here are some novel shed ideas that might inspire you to transform your outdoor shed.


For those people that work from home, imagine a lovely little work space just at the end of your garden. This area can be for those who do any job that involves the need for some personal space at home – including artists, who can turn that shed into an incredible studio space. You can freshen up the walls with a soothing coat of paint, add a desk and some shelves, and voila! You’ve got your very own outdoor office.

Man Cave/She Shed Ideas

Everyone deserves a place that they can call their own, and a shed can become just that. A decent sized shed can easily convert into a brilliant man cave, complete with a fridge full of beer, a flat-screen TV on the wall for those football games, a foosball table, comfy chairs and more! She Sheds are even more exciting these days – a huge trend that is catching on everywhere. The inspiration for this “She Shed” is like a backyard nook and is perfect for women who want alone time for reading, creating or even napping! One just needs to visit Pinterest to see some of the amazing inspirations for these She Sheds.

Home Gym

Getting to the gym can be hard for even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast. And let’s be honest – a treadmill or exercise bike in the bedroom often ends up being used to hang clothing over. Perhaps turning your shed into a home gym is a great option for you then? You can hang mirrors on one wall, set up space for weights and stretching, and even place your favorite cardio machine in there. It also frees up space in your home where you once stored all this equipment but never used it. Hook up a TV and a stereo system to enjoy your favorite show or music while you work out, and you’ll never have an excuse not to do fitness again!


We’ve all been there – our living room and the kitchen have turned into a toy war zone, with Lego, dolls, blocks and crayons everywhere. No matter what the solution, children always tend to bring the toys into the common areas of your home. You can potentially remedy this problem by turning your shed into a playroom, just for the kids. An excellent way to inspire them to use the shed is to involve them directly in the decorating and development of the area. Allow them to pick the paint colors and decorate the shelving and storage. Again, one just needs to look at Pinterest to see the cool ideas for a shed-turned-playroom.

Home Cinema

While many people turn their basements into a home theatre, there are more and more people doing this with their outdoor shed. It brings new meaning to the idea of an “outdoor movie”. Black out the windows in the shed to be sure that no light gets it, and install a large TV screen, a DVD or Blu-Ray player and start building up your film collection. Next get a few comfy chairs, a sofa or even bean bag chairs, and don’t forget the popcorn and drinks! And voila! You’ve got your very own home theatre!

Guest House/Bunkhouse

Even though it might seem small, many people are turning their sheds into bunkhouses for visiting guests. It’s a great concept to have a separate sleeping space for visitors and can make everyone more comfortable. It’s also a fun option for the kids who want to sleep outside in the summer but don’t have a tent. You can easily adorn your shed with a bunk bed that has a double on the bottom and a single on the top.
There are so many shed ideas beyond storage – you just need to be creative and put the plan of building and decorating it into action!


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