Payroll and Human Resources Software Saves you Money

Payroll/ hr software is a comprehensive accounting software used in fulfilling the modern day payroll process. Requirements for payroll and hr are unique and so the type of payroll software or human resources software you intend to use must be able to meet these requirements. This can be possible if the payroll software is a flexible and diverse one; by this statement I mean that the payroll software must be able to accommodate many complex requirements of different industries and organizations.


The development of technology and the evolution of analog to digital era has made most businesses and organizations to adopt payroll software technology. And since then, it has become unnecessary and inefficient to engage yourself in manual management of your payroll over a spreadsheet trying to calculate payroll taxes and overtime. This manual management of payroll was very tedious and consumed a lot of time. With that, I think you now know why it is important for you to consider having a payroll software for your business or organization. One amazing thing with this technology is that, there are several payroll software solutions which gives you many options that you can choose on. Furthermore, these payroll software solutions are reliable and highly specialized, in addition to their user friendly and versatile advantages.

Types of Payroll software

Below is a list of payroll software which are considered popular and rated high:

QuickBooks is a simple payroll software with accounting solutions. It is very efficient and has many payroll options. It can cost $100 to $300 a year as a desktop application or $29.95 per month for online payroll services.

Comvida is a web based system which offers online payroll solution and human resources software. It is very compatible with complex organizations and improves overall systems.

XpressPayroll software is design for small business which requires online payroll services. It is easy to use and can provide the following functionalities; file taxes, process direct payments as well as creating reports.

Wells Fargo Business Payroll services
This payroll software solution can deal with tax deposits and is very convenient as it canalso print checks and process deposits.

PayCycle, Inc
It is a well-known company which offers online payroll services for businesses. Over 50,000 small businesses are using this online payroll service. Both the health savings account distributions and pre-tax contributions of employees can also be cover by this type of Payroll software solution. In addition, the electronic filling feature using IRS Form 944 is included in it.

Paychex’s Online Payroll
This kind of online payroll service is complex but with simple features for managing payments. It assists businesses or organizations to effectively manage their employees’ compensations. Paychex’s Online Payroll is more than eight years old in providing payroll software solutions.

These are just but a few of the Payroll software used globally. The type of Payroll and hr software that you will use will entirely depend on your preference, financial status as well as your business requirements. Always consider the expertise of the company that is offering the payroll software solution more than the price of the selected payroll software.

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