Math and Reading Over the Summer

math in the city
Sometimes the knowledge that we acquire from school is like a muscle – it requires regular exercise and fine tuning to stay strong and sharp. It’s no surprise that parents feel concerned that their children will lose what they’ve learned in school over the summer vacation.

Luckily there are some fun, innovative ways that you can keep your child’s skills sharp over the summer, while still ensuring that they have fun.

Math Skills
According to studypug, you can boost your child’s ability for math and numbers this summer by doing the following fun tasks around your home:
1. Make numbers a routine by waking up every day and reading the time together. You can watch the news and read the daily temperature. You can even show them the temperature on the oven when you cook them their lunch!

2. Record your height at the beginning of summer on a growth chart in your home, and then record the height again mid-way and at the end of summer. Then compare the heights and use addition or subtraction to see how tall each of you has grown over the summer!

3. Take your child to the grocery store and see how math is used in everyday life, such as shopping! Show them how to measure out your produce on the scale, count out money to pay for the bill, and even subtract sale prices from regular prices. The grocery store is a great place to learn math.

4. Use restaurant math, and ask your child to learn the difference between prices, dollars and cents for the cost of food while dining out.

5. Measure the distance to a destination if you go on a road trip – or even if you are just staying in town for a staycation! Grab a road map that indicates the distance between two places, and help your child measure the distance. Then compare that distance between a different two destinations. Ask your child which distance is greater, or which destination they think would take longer to drive to? Compare those distances to other destinations.

6. Counting money is another great way to learn math, as well as life skills. Give your child a handful of coins and ask him or her to pay for an item of your choice for, say, $0.65, and ask them to count out the correct change.

Reading Skills
For reading, try to make it fun for your child. Here are some great ideas to increase your child’s reading skills and comprehension over the summer:
1. Create a summer reading club for them, where they visit the local library or bookstore and choose a certain amount of books to read over the summer. Once they complete a set amount, they receive a prize or a sticker.

2. Offer them a reading comprehension workbook, found at many teacher supply and even big box stores. These offers self-quiz, fun stories and allow them to practice their reading and comprehension all summer.

3. Encourage creative writing while working their imaginations! Get them to choose a topic that they love (a family pet, a holiday or a favourite food) and get them to write a short story about this subject. You can even grab the thesaurus and get them to use some cool, fun new alternative words to spice up their story!

4. Focus on specific skills, such as grammar or punctuation, and get them to take 15 minutes per day to work on these skills.

5. Make it fun by creating a word search treasure hunt around your yard or home. Place clues around that your child has to decipher, spell or solve a riddle that will ultimately end with a treasure!

Summer is a time for carefree and fun days spent playing outside, enjoying life and relaxing – but it can also be a great time to keep those math and reading skills sharp. If you adopt some of these ideas above, your child will be more than ready for the next grade come September.

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