Can Fraxel Laser Procedures Eliminate Stretch Marks?


When most people think of fraxel laser procedures, they think of skin ablation for the face. While your face is the most common target area for those looking for laser treatment – the technology of Fraxel laser can do so much more! For example, according to, fraxel laser procedures are one of the best ways to lower the exposure of stretch marks? In many cases, stretch marks can be removed after several subsequent therapies.

What Causes Stretch Marks:

These undesirable blemishes are due to fast extending of skin that has not been given plenty of your energy and effort to achieve adequate flexibility. Any unexpected excess bodyweight (such as bodyweight obtained with pregnancy) could generate them on your skin. As the skin is stretched, the assisting levels of the skin can become broken due to being stretched beyond their boundaries. When this happens, the skin can take on collections of red, violet, or white, and can appear brought up (like scars) and shiny – blemishes on the skin that can often be unpleasant and apparent.

How does Fraxel Work?

Fraxel is a term used for fraxel laser device ablation. To be able to comprehend the working of this technology we first need to comprehend how the stretch marks are established. Our skin has three levels. The top part is known as skin and the center part is skin. The center part forms the shape of our human body and increases with the bodily proportions. It has a certain limit of flexibility that allows it to flourish. When skin is stretched more than its flexibility, the bovine collagen (a protein that is established naturally in one’s human body to be able to repair the skin tissues) gets damaged and similar red lines can be seen on the skin.

In the fraxel laser procedures, the involved area is cleaned and then a local sedation is applied over it. Now a hand piece is applied over the represents. It flashes radiation even slimmer than the hair on the center part of the skin that is the skin. It makes minute injuries that activate the skin to cure. This way the lost bovine collagen is renewed. One sitting costs $ 600 and takes 20 to 25 minutes. Usually the doctors recommend 4 to 6 evenings, but this relies on your human body and the represents that you have. The results are noticeable in 2 to 6 months.

When you go through fraxel laser procedures to eliminating stretch marks, the laser works to motivate your skins own natural bovine collagen manufacturing. The benefits of this triggered bovine collagen manufacturing is that bovine collagen is a substance that contains many proteins, and already normally happens in your body to repair broken skin cells. The laser simply motivates more bovine collagen growth, providing your skin an increase of bovine collagen to help complete the collections that have been designed – making them combination more into the rest of your skin.

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